Zack Childress Real Estate Retirement Investment Plans

zack childress real estate retirement investment plans

Zack Childress gives a quick review to the investors on different real estate strategies that can be adapted during your retirement.

A retirement income fund is a one of the categories in mutual fund where money is automatically allocated. They ensure monthly revenue is generated to the investor. Some type of funds are generates high revenue every month, the other type is the revenue is low but comes with an objective that principal amount is preserved. These retirement funds provide the power of managing your funds and principal amount can be withdrawn when you are in crisis, at the same time it will affect your monthly income subsequently.

Annuities are the next best retirement investment strategy; it is a form of insurance and it guarantees that you have an income in your future where the assurance is based on the company. There are two types of annuities: fixed and variable. Some annuities provide funds with inflation which comes with a shortage in monthly payment. The investor can choose the term when an annuity is selected. The different payouts available are 10year, joint-life, single life. Joint-life payouts are preferred by the married couples. Immediate annuities are chosen when one doesn’t earn at all and depends on annuity alone.

When you buy a bond, you lend your money to the government, a corporation or a municipality. The borrower agrees to pay you an interest for a stipulated period of time. When the bond matures, the principal is returned to the investor. The interest income, returns, you receive from a bond is source of retirement income. There are short-term, mid-term, and long-term bonds. There are bonds with flexible interest rates, called floating rate bonds, as well as high-yield bonds. The total return approach is used by investors, those who can manage funds money. A total return portfolio is one of the best retirement investments you can make.

In real estate, buying a property and giving it out for rent is a common way that will yield cash flow regularly but the investor should keep in mind about the maintenance cost he must shell out. Apart from maintenance there are many other potential expenses that you need to calculate.

If you are still unsure how to invest, read the blogs written by Zack Childress in REI quick cash system. The other way is you can attend training programs conducted by Zack Childress. Make sure you don’t indulge in scam when you invest in bonds and funds.

All retirees are requested to have a reserve account; this account should not be used for any other purpose and it is used for unforeseen expenses that may come up in retirement.

The majority of closed-end funds are designed to produce monthly or quarterly income. This revenue is generated from interest, dividends, etc. this fund has a different objective; some investors may own stocks while others own bonds. Some closed-end funds use leverage and thus able to pay a higher yield. Experienced investors may find closed end funds to be an appropriate investment for retirement. New investors avoid them by using a portfolio manager who specializes in closed-end funds.


Zack Childress Real Estate Retirement Investment Plans
Article Name
Zack Childress Real Estate Retirement Investment Plans
Zack Childress gives a quick review to the investors on different real estate strategies that can be adapted during your retirement.

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